Scope of Services

Osteopathy provides a broad range of approaches to the maintenance of health and the
management of disease. It embraces the concept of the unity of the individual’s structure
(anatomy) and function (physiology); as such osteopathy is a patient‐centered system of
healthcare, rather than disease‐centred.

An essential component of osteopathy is its great attention to body mechanics and its
manual methods in diagnosis and therapy. Osteopathy was developed as a means to
facilitate normal self‐regulating/self‐healing mechanisms in the body by addressing areas of
tissue strain, stress or dysfunction which may impede normal neural, vascular and
biochemical mechanisms.

Physical examination and history taking
Manual joint articulation and osteopathic manipulation
Soft tissue techniques including massage, muscle energy techniques, trigger point and myofascial techniques
Visceral and cranial therapy
Therapeutic exercises

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